First project – New Look 6407

My first try at a shirt, a real one, with a collar. It took me some time to print the pattern from Sewing Patterns because of computer problems, but I managed.
I’m making view E (short sleeves) with the collar of view A. No problem for the front and back, but the collar is harder to do. I had difficulties understanding the instructions and my sewing books didn’t help very much. So I looked online and found little animations on Husqvarna’s website: I did it. Then I went to see Coupe Couture for the actual sewing of the collar and collar stand to the shirt. This is where I stopped today: I now need to unpick the collar because the stand is too big and the stitching is ugly.

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  1. Good luck with the pattern! I have to be honest and say this is pretty much my favorite blouse pattern– I’ve made it or variations on it at least 4 times within the last several years. So I hope it turns out well for you!

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