Mini-me: Colette croquis

As many other bloggers inspired by the Colette Sewing Handbook, I’ve been trying to draw my croquis. Not just for fun, but to get an idea of whether an item of clothing or an outfit might suit my body type or not. So I’ve dressed myself with a tight tank top and fitted yoga pants. I will definitely not publish the photo, because it really isn’t flattering and not only because of the colours of the whole thing! After a series of photos was taken, I chose one that would reflect my body accurately (no point in trying to fool myself), then printed it and draw over it with a piece of paper on my kitchen window.

The first time I just tried to use it as, but it didn’t work very well so the second time I scanned my drawing and uploaded it into Illustrator and redraw it. I now have an A4 piece of paper with 4 naked mini mes. I just printed one and every time I see a pattern I like, I can draw over it and have a look at myself before investing time, effort and money in a project.

The whole process didn’t take very long: about 1.5 hrs, including setting up the tripod, taking two different sets of photos, drawing, scanning, etc. But I found it very useful because even if I now know that some shapes of trousers or dressesmight not fit me, then I have the confirmation. For example, the Clover pattern from Colette is typically the kind of trousers I avoid because it draws the attention to my widest point, and I don’t need it: it doesn’t make me look any taller or slimmer.

For the Chloe dress from Victory Patterns, I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, and as the shoulder area is fitted, again it’s probably not the best dress pattern for me, maybe the pockets are not helping either. So all in all, it’s an interesting experience. I haven’t tried with colours or swatches yet, but it could be useful too.

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