Some sewing for more sewing

Last weekend, I finally decided to make myself a tailor’s ham and a pincushion. I already had the basis for the pincushion – a cheap thing, but it was a small gift from my husband, so invaluable. It was made of a kind of red foam, not so cute, so I covered it with some bits of fabric and voilà! I’m not really proud of my stitches on this one, but it wasn’t easy to assemble the whole stuff and make it stay where it was supposed to be. I also added a band so I can use it as a bracelet.

For the tailor’s ham, I followed the indication given by No Big Dill, though I didn’t use sawdust. I stuffed it with what I had on hand, ie washed and uncarded brown wool. That’s why it looks a little lumpy! But I really like it. Funny thing is, since it’s finished I haven’t had the opportunity to use it: no darts or curved seams..

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