A call for testers! (not mine)

I’m a bit late in the game, but I just read this post on my blog reader: from Steph at 3 Hours past the Edge of the World. She is currently hosting a call for testers giveaway on pants fitting! Just what I need! My recent attempts haven’t been very good. The results are ok when I’m making large summer trousers in linen, because they don’t have to fit that well, and anyway if they did fit, the linen content would ruin all my efforts after a few hours of wearing them. So since the fall, I’ve been trying to make jeans – something more fitted and it doesn’t work. Mainly because according to european sizes (Burda for example), my waist is between a size 42 and 44 and my hips are a size 48. That’s too much of a difference, and I haven’t been able to make it work yet. I’ve tried to alter the pattern according the post in Threads magazine « Everyone can have jeans that fit » and this one called » The Seam method of pattern alteration, and also had a look at the series on the Clover pattern sewalong by Colette Patterns.

I also tried to draft my own pattern following Leena‘s website, but again it was a total failure… No photos of this failure, they’re embarassing!

When I saw Steph’s call, I had to give it a try, if I’m not choosed to be one of the two lucky readers who will receive a pants block to work from, then I’ll probably purchase the said block when it’s available, because I wear a lot of trousers and would like them to fit!

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      1. I like beginners. They give me less lip than intermediates.. Less of the « But my grandma does it this way…. » type stuff. 😉 And I know when I’m teaching a beginner just exactly how many mistakes I made that they’re going to avoid because someone is showing them a great solid way to do something…

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