FO « Wellness » pants – Burda nov 2007

Not really sure what wellness is, but I needed new stretchy trousers to run, do fitness and yoga, etc. I liked the high waist on this pattern, it meant that I wouldn’t show my underwear when stretching. And indeed the waist is very high, I can hide my navel behind it!

I’m even wearing my running shoes, as I’ve tried this outfit this morning, and it works pretty correctly!

I know this is totally unsexy, but it’s a necessary piece of clothing in my life at the moment. I used a thick jersey ‘romanite’ (don’t know the name in English, apparently it’s a double knit), it’s quite heavy and falls really well. I checked on the website where I bought it, and it’s 300 g/sqm so rather heavy for a fabric. Sorry for my non metric readers, this conversion would really be too much work!

See what I meant yesterday about the necessary full derriere adjustment? well there it is! I does illustrate my problems in pant fitting, with long diagonal wrinkles runnning from the front of the thigh to the back of the knee.

I told you the waist was really high! It’s actually very nice to wear, it protects my lower back from the cold, and I’m sure it would be perfect for a pregnant woman. This waistband is so big you can folf it in half and it sits on a more normal waistline at the moment:

Sorry for this close up of my belly, I just wanted to show you the waistband..

oh and here’s the drawing of the pattern

I made some adjustments to the pattern: first I didn’t widen the legs towards the ankle, but traced them in a straght line from the thighs. And I widened the hip area, because the pattern only went up to size 44, and I’m at least a 46 at the hips. So I used a pyjama pattern that fits me and traced the modifications on the pattern. I also reduced the length of the waistband by at least 10 cm – again illustrating what I said yesterday about my waist/hip circumference differences.


Fabric: 1.4 m at 9.95€ /m so 13.95€

Pattern: Burda 123 from nov. 2007 magazine; belongs to a lot I bought on ebay 10 magazines for 35€ so 3.5€ a magazine

Other: polyester thread I already owned

Total cost: 17.45€

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  1. Thank you for your offer of instructions for the asymmetric skirt. I am just going to have a go at making it without… but if I get stuck I might give you a shout!
    Those look like « real » yoga pants but I bet they fit you much better than shop-bought ones!

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