Sewaholic Minoru Jacket #1: my muslin

Here are my measurements and the corresponding sizes on the pattern.

bust: 38″ (between sizes 12 and 14)
waist: 32″ (between sizes 12 and 14)
hips: 46″ (between sizes 14 and 16)
For the muslin, I chose a size 14 for the upper part of the body and 16 for the hips.

I chose a print cotton fabric that I picked up at my father in law’s house, it had been staying in the attic for years. Apparently it had been there since my husband’s parents divorced in 1983. So even though I gave it a good wash, it still smells a bit mouldy and I can’t use it for garments. I have a big pile of it, it used to be curtains.

I didn’t have either a 2″ elastic band or a 28″ separating zipper, so I made do with what I had on hand: 2 bands of 1/2″ elastic and 24″ separating zipper.

After making the muslin:

Size 14 for the upper part of the torso may be too much, but this way I can extend my arms in front without too much pulling of the fabric, so I will probably stick to a size 14.

I don’t need to cut a size 16 for the hips, I now have too much room in the hip area, so size 14 will it be for the whole pattern.

My sleeves are too long: I need to take at least th length of the cuff so 5.5 cm (approx. 2″).

I would prefer smaller cuffs, these are a bit large even though I didn’t use the correct width for the elastic band. This will probably be the only area where I use a size 12 or 10.

And I definitely need to find a slippery fabric for the lining otherwise I will always end up with a big chunk of fabric on the top of my backside every time I stand up.

I’m very happy with how this muslin turned out though!!

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