pattern making: 1 – sophie: 0

Another fail at trying to draft my own trousers, this time using a patternmaking textbook: Technique de la coupe by Line Jaque. I found it very strange because they asked you to measure waist, hips and also total length but I was never asked to use the waist measurements! And for trousers I really need both waist and hip measurements as they are so different.


So I spent an hour and a half yesterday evening and it’s lost, again.. In order not to feel like I’ve ruined some of my free time, I decided to cut apart my favorite pair of jeans that I couldn’t wear anymore because it’s falling to pieces. Tonight I’m planning to copy the pieces and cut some fabric, maybe even start to sew if I have enough time!

I’ll let you know how it works this time, fingers crossed but I’m very disappointed and offended that this pattern making thing is resisting my efforts.

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