Spring/Summer sewing #3: planning skirts and dresses

My spring/summer sewing is working well, but a bit slowly to my taste. I’ve finished a pair of trousers (Burda 01-2006 107B) and my first try at the Renfrew top. I’m really happy with the Renfrew and I’ve already cut some fabric to make a second one, this one with stripes. I’m less happy with the trousers, they’re a bit tight and so slightly uncomfortable. I need to take pictures for both – and they go really well together, so I might present them in one post only.

Here is my third part of planning, skirts and dresses. I really like skirts, so one (or two) of them will probably be the next patterns I trace.


Burda 08-2005 130, Burda 04-2009 101, Burda 06-2008 122 and Tendances couture n° 4-20.


Colette Pastille, Burda 05-2011 130, Burda 02-2008 112, Burda 06-2008 131, Tendances couture 4-49-50

and if any special occasions occur: Fait Main 05-2011 H, Burda 11-2007 112, Eva Dress, Simplicity 7483.

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