Pyjama Party: the big reveal

Today is the big day for all pyjama sewing lovers! Yes final day of Karen Pyjama Party Sewalong and you will probably see many many pyjamas popping up on blogs today!

So here’s mine: trousers from McCalls 5248 and the Burda Lydia t-shirt.

I had initially used size XL for the trousers, based on my hip measurements, but it was way too large, so I had to undo everything and start again with the smaller size. Annoying considering pyjamas should be very quick to make! I also read somewhere that the pattern is very long and it’s true: my hem is already 5 cm (2″) and it is still too long by at least 5 cm..

The t-shirt is Lydia by Burda, I downloaded it for 1USD. I cut the pattern according to my measurements but it was also slightly too big for normal wear. But as a pyjama t-shirt, it’s perfect!

I’m very happy to have participated in this sewalong (my first!) and enjoyed the little kick to sew something not as exciting or complex as a dress or a jacket, but so useful and comfortable!

The book I’m reading at the moment is The White Lioness (Den vita lejoninnan) by Swedish novelist Henning Mankell. I really enjoy reading Scandinavian crime fictions, I love the atmosphere in these books. Kurt Wallander is the main character in Henning Mankell’s books and his name appears in Swedish and UK TV series « Wallander » (this one with Kenneth Branagh as the main character). I have been lucky to be able to see both broadcasted in France in the past few years and I have a preference for the Swedish one: it’s closer to the book.

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