Me-Made-May #1

Here it is! Happy May Day everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying a day off work: it’s bank holiday here in France and a lot of people are going to buy some lily of the valley and then demonstrate in the streets but I won’t be doing any of it! Especially as we’re in the middle of two rounds of presidential elections and I don’t want to make a political statement.

Back to sewing and me-made, thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments on my pyjamas, it was really nice and made me smile everytime I received a note informing me of a new comment!

Here is my first me-made outfit, very casual as you can see, it’s perfect for staying at home and sewing. I’m still wearing a turtleneck jumper because it’s cold here, even though it’s supposed to be spring.

I’m wearing a pair of linen trousers I made last year, they are really comfortable to wear! The pattern is Burda 8087, wide-legged trousers with a front fly and simple waistband.

  The jumper is the Lightweight Pullover by Hannah Fettig, the most simple and most worn jumper I have ever knit. I probably wear it so often because it’s so basic and in a neutral colour. The yarn is Drops Alpaca, a 100 % alpaca that is soft and drapey, but still a little itchy on the neck.

7 commentaires pour “Me-Made-May #1

  1. I’m super casual today, too.. I didn’t want to be all like « Oooh look today I’m wearing the awesomest outfit anyone ever thought of » and then schlub off later in the month… Much better to start of quietly… 😉

    But you look fine! 🙂 And cozy as heck, in the bestest way.

  2. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! Hope you enjoyed your day off today and got lots of sewing done! I really like your jumper, I can see why you wear it so much. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Me-Made-May outfits.

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