Bias binding everywhere

I usually like to keep a real distance between my professional life and my personal one: I don’t like both worlds to mix. That’s also why I don’t use Facebook a lot: seeing colleagues and my family on the same page makes me feel very uneasy. So the vast majority of my co-workers have no idea of my hobbies, even after working with them for more than 6 years now.
I have a closer relationship with one of them and the other day we were talking about thrifting and second hand shops. I has been there a few days before and found some sewing material. And guess what she brought me this morning: a bag full of bias tape! In plenty of colors!!

A bag full of bias tape!

Her mother used to own a haberdasher’s shop and tried to sell everything when she retired around 10 years ago. Apparently she didn’t manage to sell all of her material and my colleague inherited this bag. But she doesn’t sew and kindly gave it to me.
You can be sure I will put bias tape everywhere now.
Maybe I should share my interests a bit more with other co-workers, who knows what they might come up with!

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