Fabric hunting

This weekend we had the chance in Lille to have the visit of the Stoffenspektakel, it’s a sort of fabric show that goes from town to town in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France. I had already been to one a couple of years ago in Kortrijk (Belgium), which is about half an hour’s drive from here. But, this weekend was the first time they came to Lille and could cycle there!

The prices are not necessarily much cheaper than in fabric stores, except maybe for Liberty-like fabrics, but the range of fabrics available is very different from what we’re used to around here.

Here’s what I came back with; among all of this, I have striped fabric to make pyjama trousers for my husband (he asked for some after seeing all the great ones of Karen’s pyjama party), and also for me, lightweight denim, navy twill, blue-green kind of chiffon to make a slip, and dark grey wool and its lining to make a Minoru jacket.

I also bought some elastic and zippers, they were relatively cheap and there was a great choice in the width of the elastic bands.

I spent exactly the amount I was planning to and I’m very happy, I think I have plenty to play with! Do you have this kind of show around your town?

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  1. Holy tap dancing generic deity we do not have this kind of thing in my town (I’ve seen pictures of this stofspektacle thing in Knipmode and my little heart almost fossilised at thought of all I was missing!). I made a pair of pyjamas for Carl, and they were too high waisted (damn you Burda, why do your men’s patterns suck? This is 2/2 for men’s pattern fails from them) so I tried to ‘modify’ them and had a disaster..

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