Autumn 2012 sewing plan

Various thoughts on what’s in your wardrobe have been popping up recently, Sunni wrote thoroughly about it in her Everyday Wardrobe posts. StephC has been helping us choosing fabric to prepare for this wardrobe (part 1 and part 2). All this is extremely inspiring! SewBrunswick is also responsible for my reflexions on wardrobe planning with her own plans for upcoming spring and summer.

So I checked the contents of my wardrobe and here’s what I need:

# 2 pairs of trousers in dark colours (1 Thurlow with some adjustments ; 1 from Burda 01/2006)

# 2 skirts for autumn, so probably darker colours too (patterns TBD, maybe frankenpatterned from the cambie dress)

# 2 woven blouses (1 alma blouse and maybe more if it works ; 1 shirt from the défi chemise passepoilée)

# 2 t-shirts (mine are old ; Renfrews, 1 with V neck and other with scoop neck, sleeve length TBD)

# 1 sweater: taupe with very deep neckline

# 1 Minoru jacket everything’s ready, I just need to cut the fabric

I would also like to make:

# a Pastille dress

# a slip with teal crepe

# maybe later a Rooibos dress – but I don’t have the pattern yet

That’s around 13 garments. If I sew 1 garment per weekend, all this can be done before the winter holidays. I know some weekends will be sewing-free (family gathering or other), but on the other hand, I do some preparation during the week (tracing pattern, cutting fabric) and a few of these garments will be rather quick (Renfrew pattern is already cut and adjustments have been made).

I’m not considering this as a strict schedule but more as a guideline: other needs or inspirations might pop up (I just remembered that I need to plan a winter coat – mine is old and shabby and that needs to be done before the beginning of december). For now I have been sewing without a plan just following patterns I liked and not according to gaps in my wardrobe and it has been making me uncomfortable. I also need to think about a colour palette for all these garments and then order the fabrics and patterns!

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    1. Oh it’s really merely a guideline, I might not stick to it very precisely – though the « what I need » part was easy to determine! I am thinking about my palette and already have some ideas. I’ll show it here if I can conquer Photoshop 😀

  1. Great plan! My usual approach is to sew things that make me happy, there’s always room in my wardrobe for those! Fortunately I’m heading to spring and summer which means I can sew pretty dresses as much as I would like to – which is a lot! I look forward to your garments, you will be busy!

  2. This looks like a good plan! I hope they all turn out well. I wish I could make a Colette dress, but judging by all I’ve read, I don’t think they would suit my upper body without heaps of alterations.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately no, I have fabric only for the Minoru jacket, the sweater and 2 blouses. So I definitely need to go shopping but the options around here are limited – I’ll try buying online.

  3. Hello there! Thank you for your comment on my seasonal sewing thoughts – I see you have been doing the same thing! 🙂
    13 items before the holidays, eh? I don’t think I could manage that level of productivity!
    I am VERY impressed by your shirt by the way – it looks like « the real thing »! 😀

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