Sewaholic Alma Blouse – no need for a zipper!

First top in my Autumn sewing plan: the Alma Blouse from Sewaholic Patterns! Do you recognize the fabric? Yes, it’s the one from my Cambie dress. Out of the 3 m I had, there was still about 1.20 left. Problem: view A (short sleeves and notched collar) calls for 1.60 m. I had to be imaginative, but it worked and actually managed to make it fit in 1.13 m precisely. Of course it meant that I spent an hour cutting the fabric when there aren’t many pieces to cut: front and back are on the fold, so it should have been easy!

the actual pattern of the fabric is nearly centered: totally unplanned, I was lucky!

I cut a size 12 for the bust and 14 for the rest: next time I sew this pattern I might try a smaller size, I like my tops to be more fitted, we’ll see. But the lazy woman in me thinks it could be a good idea to stick to this size: for some reason, I don’t actually need the zipper! I think it’s due to my proportions, my waist being a size larger than my bust. It’s a pity because me and my invisible zipper foot did a great job on this one:

perfectly inserted invisible zipper 🙂

I also have a little bunch of fabric at the back: I should either shorten the back or do a swayback adjustment. I made a mistake when cutting the notch on the collar: mine is deeper than the original – the problem was that I didn’t do same mistake on the facing. Thankfully the facing is wide and there was still enough fabric to do a nice and wide topstitching.

Assembling was quick: 3h30 for the darts, inserting the facing and topstitching, inserting the invisible zipper, sewing the sleeves. Finishing was longer in comparison: 2 hrs for the hem and bias bands around the armholes – all of it by hand in front of the TV, I quite like it 🙂

I had intended it as a wearable muslin and am happy with the results. For the next one with cap sleeves, I will either use a lighter weight fabric or modify the sleeves as the gathering makes the fabric pop up a lot and I end up with larger shoulders than I have!


  • Materials: printed cotton already used in the Cambie dress (cost: 0 €), invisible zipper (0.80 €), thread, pattern (14.40 € including shipping)
  • Time spent: pattern tracing (30 min), fabric cutting and markings transfers (1h), sewing (5h30).
  • Totals: 15.60 € and 7 hrs

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