Minoru Jacket: I’m ready for the cold days!

A long time ago (back in march!), I made a muslin for this pattern: you can see it here. At the time, I didn’t know what my final fabric would be – and then I went to the Stoffenspektakel in June with my friend Catherine and decided that a wool Minoru Jacket would be perfect. I bought the wool plus some lining, as well as the elastic and the zipper and everything sat nicely in a box until it was time for them to be sewn. Even though we didn’t have a wonderful summer in this part of Europe, it was still too warm to even think about making a wool coat!

The last few weeks have seen the temperatures falling and autumn is definitely on its way, so I decided it was time! And I realised that it’s great to be able to cut the fabric staight away since I didn’t have to do any modification:everything had been done at the muslin stage! It is so comfortable to work that way, I should always make my muslins a few months ahead 😀

So here it is:

the last of the sunny days!
Hidden hood

I finally cut a size 14 for everthing and I like the fit. I wanted pockets and on coats, I prefer them to be at the front rather than on the side; I didn’t want patch pockets either, so my only solution was welt pockets! Not the easy route. I tried various techniques and finally settled on the Palmer-Pletsch one (caution it’s a pdf). It does work really well, but needs a little pratice. So before actually slashing through both fronts (considering I did not have spare fabric), I made a little welt pocket musli, it really helped me to understand the process and highlight where I had to be extra careful – because of course you need to be careful all the way! I’m very happy with the results, and doing welt pockets with wool fabric wasn’t as hard on my machine as I thought.

Pockets are lined of course!
Welt pockets

Very annoyingly, the band of the zipper started falling apart only two days after I inserted it. I still have to unpick the zipper and replace the new one. The old one will be sent back to my regular retailer because it is not acceptable!! As he knows me by now, he offered me the new zipper.

My zipper is already falling apart

So all in all my only disappointment is that it’s not cold enough yet!

  • Materials: Sewaholic Patterns Minoru Jacket (14.30 €), wool fabric (20 €), synthetic lining fabric (4.50 €), elastic bands (4 €), zipper (3 €). Total cost: 45.80 €
  • Time to complete (without the muslin): I have absolutely no idea, as I didn’t write it down!

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