Simplicity 1882 dress – muslin

When I saw Karen’s first version of the Simplicity dress 1882, and then the second one, I was delighted by this pattern and said to myself I had to buy it. Then something clicked in my mind: « wait, I already have this pattern! ». Yes, my pattern stash isn’t that big, but I’m already starting to forget which patterns I have in stock. Even worse, back in August, I had started to cut the pattern, cut the fabric for a muslin and started assembling it. I didn’t like what I saw and left it aside.

So I went back to my pattern, finished the assembling (mainly machine-basting the zipper and the side seams) and took a few photos. Here’s the result:


Not too bad! It still needed two main adjustments: reducing the cup size, which was easy since the pattern is part of the Amazing Fit collection and provides different cup sizes and also different fits for the hips. Even after reducing the cup size I still had to pinch some excess fabric around the princess seam (near the armscye). The second adjustment was to reduce the height of the back neck by 4 cm, which is a lot. Other than that it’s fine! I chose the curvy fit for the hips, meaning there are two darts at the back and now I think it fits pretty well!

I liked the result so much that I’ve already made a winter version in grey wool with black piping (the piping is above and below the midriff). I’m not too sure about this summery version, I don’t know if I really like the colour. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter now as we’re in the middle of winter and such a clear colour is not realistic.

I really recommend this pattern, I think it has some interesting features and the construction makes it easy to check the fit before the whole dress is constructed. I was intrigued by this Amazing fit collection and ordered two other patterns: a skirt (2475) and another dress (2648). I hope to show the results shortly! These patterns would be even better if they had the lining included…



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  1. Good progress with that! Can’t wait to see your final adjusted version. I managed to get the 2648 (via swap) after a fairly long time of searching (it always seems to be sold out during the sales) so I’m looking forward to sewing that up. Not looking forward to muslins and adjustments though-which is why I love my burda/knipmode/LMB-fits straight outta the box.

    1. I must have been lucky in scoring the 2648 dress in the last sale on sewing! That’s where I ordered it, eventing important shipping costs to Europe, it’s still interesting when at 99c.
      I’m glad I didn’t have too many adjustments to make, I don’t really like muslins and fitting either.. I haven’t tried Knipmode or La Mia Boutique, I’m not confident enough in my sewing yet to start an intermediate pattern without instructions!

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