Me-Made-May13 day 8

A little late to post, but I have an excuse: Internet does not reach my house anymore for some reason (so no phone or tv either – good thing I still have the radio). Which means I can only rely on my mobile phone for posting and browsing the web. Of course it’s not as easy as using a computer or a tablet.. 1st world problem I know, but annoying still.
Anyway here’s another version of maternity trousers I had made a few weeks ago. This pair is in linen and I lined it to avoid the sagging effect at the end of the day – and it works! I’ve used the same technique as my previous versions, still as easy and quick to make, even with a lining!


Aujourd’hui version rapide parce que nous n’avons plus de signal adsl arrivant à la maison, donc plus de téléphone internet ou télé et je poste depuis mon portable. Légèrement contrariant !
C’est une énième version (la 5e je crois) de mon pantalon Burda adapté à la grossesse suivant le tuto de Megan Nielsen. La seule différence : j’ai pris le temps de mettre une doublure pour éviter les déformations du lin et ça fonctionne plutôt bien !

2 commentaires pour “Me-Made-May13 day 8

  1. I wasn’t able to connect to your blog for days, and today I finally could! Yay!

    I’m glad to know the lining trick works – will keep that bit of information stored away in my head!

    1. how strange you didn’t manage to connect, something bizarre must have happened.. yes the lining trick works, it’s a little more effort to put into it, but it really makes a difference. I just have to find some nice and comfortable lining instead of the cheap and clingy polyester I used!

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