Me-Made-May13 day 11

It’s cold and rainy today, max 15° C and I’ve caught a cold, so I’m layering garments and pulling handknits out of the wardrobe. And adding somme cuddly time on the sofa with my cat Groquick. He is in a way wearing a me-made: his favorite handknit blanket, which is the Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown, in Cascade Eco Wool, finished in september 2011.


Perfect opportunity to blog about this cardigan knitted last autumn- I’m a little behind on blogging about my handknitting! It’s the Water and Stone cardigan by Veera Välimäki and the yarn is Cascade Lana d’Oro, a mix of alpaca and wool very nice to knit with. The pattern on the contrary was really a pain to work with: I’m not exactly a beginner knitter anymore and I do have some experience in technical editing and oh boy, this pattern really should be edited for clarity. Some parts of the pattern seem to be deliberately complex, making it an advanced pattern when it isn’t technically difficult. With our knitting group we had chosen this pattern as our knitalong for 2012 and deeply regret it: one of us has even unraveled hers. All of us had already encountered problems with this designer, which is a pity since her designs are really nice.

Anyway I decided to finish it and add some missing elements: pockets and a closure system – what’s the point of having a nice and warm cardigan if you can’t even close it! I’ve worn it a lot this winter but we’ll still chose another designer for our next KAL.

Aujourd’hui il fait froid et il pleut, température maxi 15° C. En plus j’ai attrapé un rhume, je ressors donc les tricots de l’armoire et j’ajoute un peu de câlins dans le canapé avec mon chat Groquick. Lui-même en quelque sorte porte un peu de fait-main, c’est sa couverture préférée : la Ten Stitch Blanket de Frankie Brown, terminée en septembre 2011. C’est aussi un moment parfait pour présenter un gilet tricoté à l’automne dernier (je suis très en retard en ce qui concerne la présentation des tricots). Le modèle est le Water and Stone par Veera Välimäki, tricoté en Cascade Lana d’Oro, un délicieux mélange d’alpaga et de laine.

On avait choisi ce modèle pour notre knitalong de l’automne et ça n’a pas été un franc succès. Il nous a donné beaucoup de fil à retordre, il semble par moments être délibérément compliqué. D’où beaucoup d’énervement ! Notre choix pour l’année prochaine se portera sur un ou une autre designer 🙂

2 commentaires pour “Me-Made-May13 day 11

  1. Your cardigan is beautiful, but I have to admit I’m a little sad that you had so much trouble with the pattern, because this one is in my queue! But then there’s a part of me that is very curious now to know just how bad it is, LOL!

  2. Lovely! This looks so nice on you! I loooove Veera’s designs, but the last one of hers that I tried I couldn’t figure out at all and ended up frogging. 🙁

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