A little thread (couture)

Thank you Santa Claus! Merci Père Noël

For Christmas, I was asked what could please me and my generous Santa Claus brought me a Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needles set (beautiful!), a book about the history of fashion and some presser feet! I’m so lucky and thankful! I asked for an invisible zipper one, a walking foot,  a binder foot and a bias tape one 🙂

Pour Noël, on m’a gentiment demandé ce qui me ferait plaisir… et j’ai reçu un jeu d’aiguilles interchangeables Hiya Hiya (trop bien !), un livre sur l’histoire de la mode et des pieds pour ma nouvelle machine à coudre. J’ai été super gâtée !! j’ai reçu un pied à fermeture éclair invisible, des pieds pour poser du biais et un pied double entraînement. Fabuleux pour coudre plusieurs épaisseurs de tissu ou deux tissus très différents. Mise en application immédiate avec mon projet couture des vacances : des bavoirs pour la princesse. Très ambitieux comme projet pour deux semaines de vacances, je sais 🙂

I haven’t yet tried the bias ones, but the walking foot is already set up on my machine. For those of you not familiar with the concept of a walking foot (also called an even feed foot), it helps with feeding the fabric evenly because it has an extra set of teeth on top. It’s great when you have to sew slippery or stretchy fabrics, when you want fabric prints to match (with plaids for example) or when you have numerous layers of fabric or different weights of fabric. This is what happened when I sewed some bibs. Yes, very interesting sewing I know, and this was my project for the holidays: the little lady’s bibs I had previously done are too small now, especially since she has started eating other foods than milk.

I used an old bath towel and stash fabric I had originally intended to use for the Craftsy’s block of the month 2012 (ahem). As you can imagine, a towel and quilting cotton are quite different weight and don’t necessarily feed at the same speed. No problem now with the walking foot!

I am currently using it to finish a skirt I have started a couple of months ago, it’s the Ottobre 6/2013 number 11 « On Trend ». I wanted it to be a basic skirt that I could wear often in the winter. I chose a black cord fabric, can’t make it any more basic, can you? The pattern has a lining which I find great, but both fabrics again are very different, and even if I staystitched the waist of the skirt pieces, cord is still a little stretchy. Again, no problem with the walking foot. The only problem I found with this foot is that it’s a little noisy!

IMG_1007Yes, it’s my kitchen in the background, I did what I said I would in a previous post. I didn’t have much time yesterday, but managed to sew a seam 🙂 And this new organization seems to work for now, because I nearly finished a wearable skirt muslin last weekend.

Ici mon pied double entraînement est en service sur du velours noir allié à une vilaine doublure bleu ciel pour réaliser la jupe n°11 du dernier Ottobre femmes (06/2013) : une jupe droite simple, avec des poches et une doublure. Et oui, c’est ma cuisine à l’arrière-plan, j’ai fait comme je l’avais envisagé dans un de mes derniers posts : ma machine est installée en bas le weekend, comme ça je fais une petite couture dès que j’ai quelques minutes. Plutôt efficace parce que le weekend dernier j’ai réussi à presque finir ma toile pour une jupe. Affaire à suivre !

  • I love my walking foot (I have the same one for my Janome)! I’m so glad you got one– they’re really amazing! They’re fantastic for matching patterns like stripes and plaids, too, because the alignment doesn’t shift towards the end of the seam, which is hard to prevent with a regular foot. They are loud, though. I try not to use it if my husband’s watching TV!

    • it is indeed quite loud! I try to use it with precautions when the little one is sleeping: very slowly 🙂

  • Pere Noel knew exactly what he was doing! You know, I never take the walking foot off my machine, except when I need to use a zipper foot. I even use it to sew knits. It really is the best gadget ever. Enjoy!

    • Yes, Père Noël is wonderful!! I still have to try the walking foot with knits and for matching stripes, but everyone seems so happy with their own:

  • I’ve been using my walking foot a lot too lately, and I agree – it’s so noisy! I had to change back to a regular foot for a bit and the quiet was very welcome 🙂

    It’s so nice to have special presser feet, isn’t it? I don’t have a bias foot, and I’m hoping you’ll show us how that works once you use it!

    • bias feet require a little practice, but I’m already very happy with the results: I’ll have to show you 🙂

  • Star Speckles

    Ooh, Santa did well! I have the knit picks interchangeables, and I absolutely love them!